1. Inspection


    Our Vulcanizing process started with inspection/ verification by trained and experienced experts to indicate the possibility of reparation.

  2. Buffing


    First the remaining tire traces will be removed by using buffing machine. As the result, the casing will be round and symmetrical. Buffing process with excellent accuracy rate will allow the tire to be used longer. Buffing process also gives more long-lasting vulcanizing tire.

  3. Repairing


    To make your casing more efficient, used longer and safer, we can fix and place the canvass of your casing.

  4. Building


    We have many designed palm to make it pretty, which can be places in your casings. The design palm that you choose will be place in your casing with best quality glue.

  5. Curing


    The tire which with new traces would be wrapped with a rubber envelope . The pressure and the temperature in the chamber is not dangerous for the tire structure and rubber.

  6. Final Inspection

    Final Inspection

    Final inspection will make sure your tire already have been vulcanizing perfectly and can be use as a new one.